Meet Peach and Marie!

So in my last post, I posted a picture of my two characters, Peach and Marie. Before Marie, Peach used to adventure around the world with a maned wolf that has issues with his own identity as his name is Wallaby and can’t understand why wallabies won’t accept him. After drawing Peach and Wallaby all over everything for a good month or so, I started wanting to add new characters such as a sassy bikini-wearing alligator named Ollie.

When I was brainstorming for more character ideas, I kept remembering how my sister would always jokingly suggest that I draw her when I didn’t know what to draw, and so I did. Thus Marie, named after my sister’s middle name, was born. Given that my sister lives abroad and is biologically my half sister, it seemed perfect that she be a mermaid despite the fact that Peach is not. Peach is also extremely terrified of swimming in the ocean, which also correlates with the fact that while my sister and I communicate on an almost daily basis, we are only ever in the same continent together once a year. The two are also always seen doing things that my sister and I bond over such as yoga and our “unusual” love for eating plain bread and toast. So far every painting of the two has been a gift or card created specifically for my sister, but I do hope to eventually spend more time developing these quick paintings to cleaner finishes that may potentially find their way onto a page of my website. This also includes developing the other characters and Peach’s relationship to them further as well.

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