School and Insomnia

School just started last week so that means less time to work on personal stuff, but usually immense growth! I’m excited to have an actual facebook page and website now to keep people updated with instead of spamming my personal facebook with it. If you don’t follow me already, please feel free to!

Anyway, lately I’ve been seeing a lot of “studio visit” kind of posts on the internet, so I thought it’d be cool to do my own. My studio space is mostly just my desk right now until I have time to make it look pretty, but here’s my typical painting set-up: my laptop for music and reference, headphones to help me zone out, watercolor paper, watercolors and gouache, my three “go-to” brushes (with others nearby juuust in case), artist tape, palette, water cup, tea cup (which usually turns into a water cup), and lately I’ve noticed that I tend to take off my jewelry before I paint.

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